Southwest Finland Emergency Services


The Emergency Services switchboard is available for non-emergencies

Southwest Finland Emergency Services switchboard, tel. +358 2263 3111

General e-mail:

On-duty fire inspector counsel

The on-duty fire inspector is available on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.  

tel. +358 50 433 0260 or

Emergency Services employees

You can use the contact search function to look up emergency service employees.

The e-mail addresses are in the format

In an emergency, call 112.

The rescue department operates on land, water and in the air

Southwest Finland Emergency Services provides rescue services to 27 municipalities in the westernmost part of mainland Finland. The region has ten fire stations that are on standby around the clock, and three fire stations that are on standby 8 hours a day. The rescue department’s operating area covers over 20,000 square kilometres.

The rescue department provides emergency care services in the areas of five joint municipal authorities of health care: Turku, Kaarina, Raisio, Parainen and Naantali. The regional rescue department has a total of 12 ambulances that are on standby around the clock, and one medical supervisor unit, which operates as the only critical care unit and management unit for medical rescue services in the region.

Many tasks

Basic tasks of the regional rescue department include rescuing and protecting people, property, animals and the environment, in addition to preventing accidents and promoting a culture of safety.  Rescue, safety and emergency care services are provided in Southwest Finland, professionally, equally and quickly at all hours.


The regional rescue department is headed by the rescue director. The department’s operations are divided into three sectors, headed by chiefs of rescue services:

  • risk management, which includes accident prevention, fire inspections and civil defence.
  • operational activities, which includes rescue operations and emergency medical services.
  • support services, which is in charge of administration, human resource management, training, communications and technical services.

The regional rescue department employs almost 600 full-time employees, of whom over 280 are firemen and approximately 150 are full-time emergency medical care personnel.

The rescue department’s vision

Southwest Finland Emergency Services is an evolving, national trendsetter in the field, and a provider of high quality rescue, safety and emergency medical services.


To provide high quality rescue, safety and emergency medical services in Southwest Finland, professionally, equally and quickly at all hours.

The rescue department’s values

Professionally, quickly, equally