General alarm and official emergency notification

Further information on the official emergency notification

The general alarm is sounded using outdoors sirens and mobile sirens attached to vehicles. The alarm is a warning of an immediate danger threatening those currently outdoors. Going indoors and acting according to instructions form the primary, and usually sufficient, method of protection. Everybody should be able to recognise the general alarm and know what to do when it is sounded.

Emergency notification

An official emergency notification is always issued with the general alarm. The notification is read on all radio channels and shown on the teletext page 112 of the YLE channels, MTV3, and Nelonen, and as a running text on the top of the screen during TV programmes. The emergency notification contains information on the reason for the alarm, along with instructions regarding protection.

The general alarm

  • A one-minute-long sound composed of an ascending alarm sound (7 seconds) and a descending alarm sound (7 seconds) or
  • a warning announced by the authorities.

If you hear the general alarm

  • Move indoors and stay there.
  • Close doors, windows, ventilation openings and switch off air conditioning.
  • Switch on the radio and wait calmly for instructions.
  • Avoid using your phone so as to not clog the network.
  • To avoid putting yourself in danger, do not leave the area unless the officials instruct you to do so.