This site contains information on how the virus affects operations of Southwest Finland Emergency Services. For their part, Southwest Finland Emergency Services strive towards minimising the spreading of virus and towards focusing staff resources on urgent services. The page is being updated.

How do Southwest Finland Emergency Services serve the residents in their area during the corona epidemic?

In case of emergency, call the emergency number 112. Rescue and emergency medical services run as normal 24 hours per day. If you believe you may have contracted coronavirus, do not call 112 simply for this reason unless your symptoms require urgent care.

If you need non-urgent advisory or safety services, please contact us primarily by email or phone. Fire inspections have been postponed until later. Essential inspections still take place (e.g. those concerning temporary care facilities to be established or other urgent cases).

Agreed safety training, advisory events and our participation in different public events and other events have been cancelled for the time being.

Visitor groups are not allowed at fire stations.

The annual NouHätä! competition for pupils in basic education has been cancelled for this spring.

How are Southwest Finland Emergency Services prepared for the coronavirus epidemic?

Southwest Finland Emergency Services have prioritised their operations in order to secure rescue services, emergency medical care and communications. The fact that employees may fall ill has been taken into consideration in HR contingency planning.

The personnel of Southwest Finland Emergency Services have been informed about how to prevent contagion and what to do in case of exposure.

Those employees who can do remote work for the time being. Meetings are arranged using remote access.

Employees who return from abroad have been advised to stay at home for 14 days after they have returned in Finland.

Contract fire brigades have an important role in the system of rescue services

Southwest Finland Emergency Services is actively in contact with contract fire brigades and provides instructions concerning their operations.

Contract fire brigades do not participate in public events, their fire stations cannot accept visitors and the weekly rehearsals of all sections of contract fire brigades have been cancelled for the time being.

In addition, contract fire brigades have been offered general information on preventing coronavirus contagion.

Where can I find more information?

Flawed rumours and disinformation about the corona epidemic spread e.g. on social media. Southwest Finland Emergency Services encourage everyone to follow official information produced by authorities on websites and social media channels.